Steel, ceramic and plastic doctor blades, doctor blade chamber seals

ULMEX offers doctor blades made from different qualities of steel and treatments, depending on the type of print and the level of quality required by the customer. We are able to advise on the perfect combination of doctor blade type and bevel geometry. ULMEX’s range of products also includes the DuroBlade doctor blade, which provides perfect doctoring and a high quality performance suitable for high print runs. This type of doctor blade is particularly recommended for carton and tissue printers. It is also suitable for coaters and for the production of opaque undercoats with highly abrasive inks. The seals offered by ULMEX guarantee excellent and constant performance over time. Manufactured with top quality materials, with patented elastomers with “memory foam” effect or in pre-soaked felt, they are suitable for all brands and models of doctor blade chambers.

CeraFlex XT and CeraPrint XT, the new high performance doctor blades for flexo and rotogravure:

Ceraflex XT and Ceraprint XT: new generation doctor blades coated and layered in several layers, with special ceramic particles, particularly resistant to wear. They are soft and the hardness is similar to that of a steel blade without coating, thus preserving ceramised or chromed cylinders over time. Designed for extremely long print runs and ideal for meeting the highest print quality.

High-performance DuroBlade doctor blade

The use of the Duroblade produces perfect doctoring and a high quality performance suitable for long print runs. This doctor blade is recommended for cardboard and tissue printers. It is also suitable for coaters and for printing elements for substrates coated with highly abrasive inks. The DuroBlade dramatically reduces doctor blade changes and downtime, and optimises waste and production times. With optimum machine set-up and technical efficiency, we guarantee a service life 10 times longer than a standard doctor blade.

Pressure rollers for rotogravure printing

Specific coatings for rotogravure printing with ATEX certifications and use in hazardous areas, for discharge of electrostatic charges, to prevent the accumulation of static electricity and for food and medical applications. Very good dimensional stability, resistant to high temperatures. Fast delivery times.

Titanium anoden for galvano Dätwyler, Kaspar Walther baths and other manufacturers of galvano baths

We produce titanium anoden according to drawings and samples. Both new and reconditioned. In the case of regenerated products, we recover the titanium to be reused for the new coating. For this process, we apply the utmost perfection in terms of the amount of titanium that is applied to all surfaces.

Diamonds for engravers

We produce mechanical engraving diamonds for rotogravure cylinders. In addition to new diamonds for both continuous and single use, we offer a refining service. We guarantee fast delivery times.

Cleaner for manual cleaning of chromed cylinders

Enpurex is a cleaning liquid that works on a physical rather than chemical principle. Fast and effective thanks to the patented ultrasonic particle vibration system, it is able to break down in depth the dirt sedimented in the cells of the anilox cylinders and sleeves, lift it to the surface and then make it easily removable with a simple wet cloth. Enpurex guarantees a higher print quality due to an increase in cell volume and therefore in the capacity of the anilox cylinder or sleeve. Enpurex is easy to use, and the amount required per wash is minimal. Enpurex is also very effective for cleaning the titanium dioxide blank inside the screens of chromed cylinders for rotogravure printing.

Fasnacht viscometer: Vibrating and falling bodies

ULMEX is a Fasnacht partner and offers a reliable service. Thanks to its technicians, ULMEX can intervene from its headquarters in Ulm to provide technical support to customers, including spare parts in stock at ULMEX. In addition to technical support, ULMEX offers qualified sales support to provide customers with the best technical advice. Flagship products include the S6-VR viscometer, which measures temperature, pH and viscosity using the vibration principle, and the S6-FB viscometer, whose mode of operation is based on the droplet measuring principle.