Professionals at your side every step of the way

Ulmex handles your maintenance requirements so you can focus on your core business: production   By drawing on our in-depth expertise, you can take advantage of advanced organizational solutions in maintenance management and planning. We employ the services of expert technical personnel who are competent, keep continually up to date with the latest developments and are skilled in the use of diagnostic techniques for analysing and preventing breakdowns. Our mutual goal, therefore, is to reduce malfunctions and cut the risk of downtime in industrial plants, optimizing their efficiency and ensuring they perform at their peak. We handle all your mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic issues with routine maintenance and repair services. Jobs are carried out by a resident on-site engineer or on a call-out basis. In addition, we have in-house facilities for repairing components and producing mechanical parts to your drawing or sample.


Our technical staff are highly specialised and have specific know-how in this sector. Ulmex staff are kept continuously updated on the technical evolution of graphics systems and equipment.

Ulmex can provide specialist maintenance for:

  • blanket cleaning systems, manufacturers OXY-DRY, Baldwin
  • radial blower servicing
  • ink pump servicing
  • Harris & Bruno inline coating systems
  • gearbox refurbishment
  • blower refurbishment
  • ink pump refurbishment
  • rotary press folder refurbishment
  • rotary press printing unit refurbishment
  • rotary press folder belt replacement
Regrinding & reconditioning

Regrinding and reconditioning, oil-bath regrinding on numerical control machines of:

  • circular knives and bottom knives
  • cutting knives

We recondition:

Fixed and mobile jaw blades with Vulkollan, tungsten, ceramic and Metco coating, drag rollers with tungsten, rubber, polyurethane and Vulkollan coating or knurling of metal parts with Teflon coating.

Replacement of fold belts

Fold belt replacement for rotary machines is guaranteed. Our Team relies on highly qualified personnel, with a twenty-year experience in the field.
All new belts installed on the fold are provided by Ulmex already cut to size and sheared off according to the kind of junction (Flexproof and Thermofix respectively), ready for subsequent machine welding. Also, Ulmex uses its own equipment such as: heating- and cooling-plates, templates of any width, extension cables, adhesive tapes, staplers.

Parts repairs

We repair the following types of commercial parts and instrumentation: mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, hydraulic and oleodynamic of all brands.
All repairs are performed in compliance with industry standards and are covered by a warranty.