Original spare parts and authorised technical assistance Baldwin and Oxy-Dry

ULMEX is Baldwin’s official and exclusive partner for the sale of spare parts and technical assistance.
The Baldwin spare parts sold by ULMEX are original and meet all the technical requirements necessary to keep the systems up to standard and efficient. Furthermore, only by using original Baldwin spare parts will you retain the manufacturer’s technical warranty. ULMEX has a regularly replenished warehouse which enables us to respond promptly to urgent requests.
ULMEX offers specialised technical assistance on Baldwin equipment, in particular: washing systems for blanket cylinders, both cloth and brush (Oxy-Dry), dampening systems, circulators, anti-scratch and ovens.

Original spare parts and authorised technical after-sales service for Harris & Bruno paint works.

ULMEX is an official partner of Harris & Bruno for spare parts sales and technical after-sales service. Harris & Bruno, with European headquarters in Germany, designs and manufactures coating units with closed flexo doctor chambers and washers, for coating feed systems. also produces coating units for integration into digital presses. Coating units are used to apply coating to protect and enhance printed matter on both sheetfed offset and digital presses.

Anilox for Harris & Bruno and Tresu coating unit

Thanks to the partnership with Zecher, the world leader in the production of anilox rollers, ULMEX is able to supply and refurbish anilox rollers with innovative technologies. On request, we can check the technical condition of the anilox with a 3D microscope, in particular checking the volume and depth of the cell. In addition, ULMEX offers a laser cleaning service for anilox rollers, which can also be carried out on site.

Blanket cleaning device

suitable doctor blades and brushes for Heidelberg, MAN Roland and KBA systems
For the blanket cylinders of Heidelberg presses (CD and Speedmaster models before 2007), MAN Roland and KBA, ULMEX supplies doctor blades with a 92 Shore Vulkollan® lip which, compared to black rubber, ensures excellent resistance to UV inks, greases and oils as well as wear. These properties ensure that the service life of the squeegee These properties ensure that the service life with Vulkollan 92 shore lip is twice as long as that of standard rubber, reducing maintenance costs and machine downtime. For the washing system of the impression cylinders of the above machines, ULMEX manufactures brushes with horsehair bristles, which offer a longer life and more effective cleaning. In addition to supplying new brushes, ULMEX is able to readjust worn brushes.

Steel, ceramic and plastic doctor blades, doctor blade chamber seals

ULMEX offers doctor blades made from different qualities of steel and treatments, depending on the type of print and the level of quality required by the customer. We are able to advise on the perfect combination of doctor blade type and bevel geometry. ULMEX’s range of products also includes the DuroBlade doctor blade, which provides perfect doctoring and a high quality performance suitable for high print runs. This type of doctor blade is particularly recommended for carton and tissue printers. It is also suitable for coaters and for the production of opaque undercoats with highly abrasive inks. The seals offered by ULMEX guarantee excellent and constant performance over time. Manufactured with top quality materials, with patented elastomers with “memory foam” effect or in pre-soaked felt, they are suitable for all brands and models of doctor blade chambers.

CeraFlex XT and CeraPrint XT, the new high performance doctor blades for flexo and rotogravure:

Ceraflex XT and Ceraprint XT: new generation doctor blades coated and layered in several layers, with special ceramic particles, particularly resistant to wear. They are soft and the hardness is similar to that of a steel blade without coating, thus preserving ceramised or chromed cylinders over time. Designed for extremely long print runs and ideal for meeting the highest print quality.

Cleaner for manual cleaning of anilox roller

Enpurex is a cleaning liquid that works on a physical rather than chemical principle. Fast and effective thanks to the patented ultrasonic particle vibration system, it is able to break down in depth the dirt sedimented in the cells of the anilox cylinders and sleeves, lift it to the surface and then make it easily removable with a simple wet cloth. Enpurex guarantees a higher print quality due to an increase in cell volume and therefore in the capacity of the anilox cylinder or sleeve. Enpurex is easy to use, and the amount required per wash is minimal. Enpurex is also very effective for cleaning the titanium dioxide blank inside the screens of chromed cylinders for rotogravure printing.




Ulmex provides original spare parts from Harris & Bruno, Baldwin and Oxy-.Dry that meet the technical requirements necessary to keep equipment up to date and efficient. The most important components are available from stock.


“Ulmex offers doctor blades, end seals and lubricants. It also offers a wide range of innovative cleaning agents for the care and cleaning of your anilox. Among all, the world’s only patented ultrasonic product: Enpurex. It is a green, water-based, dermatologically tested, pH-neutral, 100% biologically degradable, food-grade ISEGA-certified physical solution. Suitable for manual, deep and thorough cleaning in less than 5 minutes.


ULMEX is able to supply and refurbish anilox rollers with innovative technologies. On request, we can check the technical condition of the anilox with a 3D microscope, in particular checking the volume and depth of the cell. In addition, ULMEX offers a laser cleaning service for anilox rollers, which can also be carried out on site.


Whether it’s Harris & Bruno coaters, or Baldwin washing equipment or refrigerators, Ulmex offers highly qualified and trained technical personnel who are able to intervene at the customer’s premises for ordinary, extraordinary or breakdown maintenance.


Ulmex offers an exclusive cleaning service directly at the customer’s facility, using innovative laser technology. We are ready to work around the clock. The cleaning is done off-line, on board our vehicle, without generating any waste. Laser technology is the only technology that can provide accurate and deep cleaning. In an absolutely safe way, each cell is cleared of blockages and impurities so that the full volume is available. In addition, thanks to a 3D microscope, the anilox is measured and checked for wear.