KURT ZECHER GmbH was the first company to develop anilox technology.
Drawing on many years’ experience and close collaboration with the most prestigious flexo printing press manufacturers, ZECHER currently supplies anilox conventional rollers or sleeves of the highest quality in terms of printing results and lengthy service life in the press. The product range caters to all flexo printing requirements, whether printing on flexible packaging or on paper, cardboard and labels. So from fullcolor solid area to high LPI, ZECHER is well positioned to meet all your expectations.


Rotec, a member of the Flint Group – world leader in the production of printing ink -, designs and manufactures plate holders, adapters and fiberglass covers for the protection of aniloxes. Those latest generation products among the most appreciated in the market, will now be available to Italian flexo printers thanks to Ulmex.


TKM Meyer GmbH is a German company, formerly known as Rolf Meyer, a leader in the manufacture of wear materials for newspaper and gravure press folders. They also produce: cutting items for binding and packaging, and high-performance doctor blades for flexo and gravure printing.


Duroblade is a brand name exclusively distributed by our partner TKM MEYER. Duroblade is a pressurised ceramic coated squeegee for high-volume, flexo, carton and tissue printing.


An Ulmex department is dedicated to the production of high precision doctor chamber seals, produced with digital technology and high performance materials. For these products Ulmex is able to ensure maximum production flexibility with deliveries even in just 24h.


Owned by our partner, TKM MEYER, Enpurex is a brand of two cleaners called Enpurex 95 Plus and Enpurex Power, specifically formulated for manual and fast ultrasonic cleaning of anilox and gravure rolls.


German manufacturer of digital measurement systems. In particular, Soprin produces portable digital microscopes at the Schwentinental headquater, which can easily analyze the volume and the line of the anilox and rotogravure rollers. Soprin’s software program provides a high-definition 3D image.


Founded in 1952 in Switzerland, the company has always been involved in the development and production of viscosity control systems for the printing industry and in the implementation of specific projects in the printing process, which are carried out in close collaboration with manufacturers of printing machines and printers.


Pavel Gerätebau GmbH – for more than 20 years the production of “Pavel” film compactors is a reference point for compacting stamp wastes such as plastic and edge trimmings.


Baldwin Technology GmbH is a German company specialized in the manufacture of auxiliary and complementary systems for sheet- and web-fed offset printing presses, more specifically: washcloth rubber roll cleaning systems, dampening systems and UV curing units.


OXY-DRY GmbH is a German company specialized in the manufacture of auxiliary and complementary systems for sheet- and web-fed offset printing presses, more specifically: brush rubber roll cleaning systems and anti-set-off systems.


Harris & Bruno Inc. is a US manufacturer of anilox roll and chambered doctor blade coating and cleaning systems for flexo and sheet-fed offset printing presses with a European facility in Germany, based in Schwäbisch Gmünd.They are also in the digital printing business with inline and offline coating and primer coating systems.