On-Site Laser Cleaning for Anilox Rolls In-line and Off-line

The Ulmex service trucks reach your production site to perform laser cleaning on ceramic and chrome anilox rolls. The process is conducted either on board the mobile units or directly in-line for large anilox rolls.

The use of the latest generation Evolux Smart technology ensures the complete removal of ink, primer, varnish, adhesive, lacquer, and silicone residues.

The Ulmex team of technicians offers highly qualified consultancy to guarantee the most suitable customized solution.

Specialist Maintenance

Ulmex can provide specialist maintenance for:

  • OXY-DRY brush washing systems and BALDWIN cloth washing systems for offset machine rubber rollers
  • BALDWIN dampening systems/circulators
  • Harris & Bruno inline coating systems
  • Gearbox overhauls
  • Blower overhauls
  • Ink pump refurbishment
  • rotary press folder refurbishment
  • rotary press printing unit refurbishment
  • rotary press folder belt replacement

Replacement of fold belts

We provide custom-made belts for rotary folders, pre-cut or beveled and ready for hot welding on the fold. With the aid of specific equipment, ULMEX can perform special tasks such as welding any type of folding belt currently available on the market (typically Habasit, Siegling, and Forbo). Additionally, we carry out belt replacement interventions with a team of specialized technicians with twenty-five years of experience in the rotary folding sector. All new belts installed on the fold during the intervention are supplied directly by ULMEX, already cut to size and pre-cut or beveled according to the type of joint (Flexproof or Thermofix, respectively), thus facilitating subsequent welding in the machine.

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