The evolution
in Laser Cleaning
of Anilox

The evolution in Laser Cleaning of Anilox

When to clean, check and

Evolux is the innovative concept for the cleaning and analytical control of aniloxes, designed and developed by Ulmex to become an integral part of the company's production processes. The new generation Evolux technology allows you to effectively clean every type of sleeve and roller, including chrome, drastically reducing times and removing even the most difficult residues in a homogeneous and long-lasting way.

Evolux ensures continuous and punctual monitoring of the anilox fleet with a view to predictive maintenance, reducing regeneration costs thanks to the integrated 3D microscope and exclusive proprietary software.

All models, certified 4.0 ready and characterized by high technology and versatility, guarantee maximum reliability even in case of intensive use.

Management and control software that monitors the anilox life cycle and optimizes cleaning planning.

Minimal maintenance through filter replacement only.

Advanced system engineered by Ulmex, to speed up cleaning times, guaranteeing an excellent cleaning result.

The entire Evolux range is equipped with the exclusive Ceramic Care System process, developed by Ulmex to guarantee the integrity of the ceramic surface during the cleaning phases thanks to the consolidated know-how shared with the partner Zecher, world leader in the production of ceramic aniloxes and chrome.

Evolux Plus: 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500 mm
Evolux Compact: 1700, 2000

Furthermore, Evolux has a green soul. In fact, all systems meet important requirements in the field of environmental sustainability since they do not use chemical solvents, detergents, bicarbonate or other polluting substances. A particularly important aspect, especially for printers who work in the food packaging sector and who have embraced green processes by focusing on sustainable technologies and materials.


  • Consumption reduction, including energy consumption
  • Enhanced to further improve print quality
  • Optimizes processes and reduces waste
  • Significantly extends the anilox cleaning intervals
  • Optimizes the planning and costs of anilox regenerations


for industrial applications, for continuous use


both sleeves and rollers

Easy to use

intuitive process software


D.A.M. Dynamics Anilox Management

Fast turn speed rotation

Short cleaning time

Ceramic Care System

Cleaning Lens System

Based on the customer's aniloxes, we define the most suitable machine setting

Laser class 1

From 1000 mm up to 4000 mm anilox length

Min. 80 mm

Max. 500 mm

Max. weight 1500 kg

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