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Ulmex was founded in 1999 in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg region in Germany, from the desire of the founders Angelo Maggi and Pierluigi Battaglio, supported by Alessio Polastro, to create an innovative reality, characterized by a high technical and operational profile on the international markets.

Advanced Solutions for Printing

Ulmex today

Today Ulmex is an international company specialized in the supply of technical components, consumer products, machines and systems for the world of packaging, flexible packaging and flexo and rotogravure printing. The ULMEX range of products & services is characterized by market excellence, which is the result of careful analyzes aimed at selecting the best international brands, sold exclusively by Ulmex for the Italian market. The company combines these products with its own production of laser machines for cleaning aniloxes, doctor blade chamber seals, static and automated warehouses for sleeves, adapters and aniloxes, certified anilox and sleeves holder trolleys.

Twenty years of experience in printing processes, combined with the expertise of ULMEX technicians in the laser field, led to the birth of Evolux at the beginning of 2019, the innovative concept for laser cleaning of aniloxes, designed to be integrated into printing processes. Engineered by ULMEX R&D Department.

Ulmex combines the production and sales of latest generation systems with value-added services, which include specialized consultancy and just in time technical assistance ensured throughout Europe. Among the main services offered by Ulmex is also the 24/7 door-to-door laser cleaning of aniloxes, carried out through our Service-Trucks fleet equipped with proprietary Evolux technology operating all over Europe.


Quality, innovation and customization of the offer are our company assets; we have always invested in the best technologies and cutting-edge infrastructure. Our strengths are the specialized skills of our technicians and salespeople, who boast specific sector knowledge and are constantly updated on the evolution of the systems. Our goal is to offer our customers the best technical solutions by offering innovative products and services that effectively contribute to the optimization of printing processes.

Our values

and relationships

Building strong, lasting relationships is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and offer customized solutions.


We offer complete assistance, ensuring that every step of our process is transparent and aimed at solving each customer’s needs.


We operate with precision and promptness, guaranteeing an efficient and timely cleaning service. The efficacy of our logistics is designed to integrate into your operational processes, delivering perfect cleaning results.